Corona's Love

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Spring (Basanta Ritu) is supposed to be romantic; different types of flowers bloom on both trees and ground, enjoying long dinners on the patio at home or restaurant, evening stroll except coronavirus (COVID-19). So, none of that is happening. And yet (at the starting of Summer), people are still seeking love and connection.
The day before yesterday my friend told me that the lockdown had put a squelch in his dating life. At that time I replied to him that what are you talking are in the 21st century. Online connections exist today. In reply, he said meeting person to person generates different feelings rather than texting or video calling. Now, I realize COVID-19 makes an impact on a person's romantic life in a negative manner but it also creates an opportunity to welcome love into our life.

When you are frustrated, angry, scared, or just don’t know what else to do, look for love. Every day we have to cope with new information, uncertainty, and isolation. This may lead to frustration. In this situation we all need is patience and love. Only by accepting the situation and loving ourselves, we will able to get rid of this sad situation.

Love of others
When you turn off the news and call a friend instead so neither of you are so lonely – That’s love. In this anxious time, people are seeking emotional support. We can take this as an opportunity and get connected with friends in order to encourage one another. Family as an integral part, we can create a strong bond with family members too. Waving neighbors from the window makes feel you better. We can display our love for first-line workers. The love towards others will inspire the way we interact with them.

Love of work
This pandemic has wrought an unprecedented level of distress. When my mom called me and said that the situation is becoming worse have you been outside for work, don't go and do work from home– That’s love. Job satisfaction increased with each additional hour people spent working remotely. The use of online technology to continue communication with coworkers has also provided opportunities for us to get to know our colleagues in a more raw and human way.

I began this text by indicating COVID-19 makes an impact on person's romantic life in negative manner but it also creates an opportunity to welcome love into our life. In fact, it's not just an opportunity, it's a necessity.
As the song lyrics aptly states,
"Maya ma parechhu ma
Aaja yo k bhayo
Chhayaa timrai chahanchhu
Jiwan ma mero."
I would like to thank my friend who teaches me love never really changes really much, it will remain as glorious and confounding as always.

(Sushil Devkota is the student of School of Health and Allied Science at Pokhara University and can be reached at

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