Navigating the First Three Days of Fishtail Hospital and Research Center's Pharmacy: My Work Experience | Sushil Yayawor


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Nestled in the picturesque city of Pokhara, Nepal, the Fishtail Hospital and Research Center stands as a beacon of hope for those in need of medical assistance. Known for its exceptional healthcare services and commitment to research, the hospital serves a vast and diverse population, making it a bustling hub of activity. Recently, I embarked on a three-day work experience journey in the hospital's pharmacy department, which, I quickly learned, was no walk in the park.

Day 1: A Glimpse into the World of Hospital Pharmacy

Entering the Fishtail Hospital and Research Center's pharmacy was like stepping into a labyrinth of pharmaceutical knowledge. With an ample expanse of medications, it was a genuine pharmacopoeia, and I was tasked with the formidable mission of organizing and deciphering it. My workday commenced at 9 a.m., and from that moment, it was an unceasing crescendo of activity. The pharmacy was swamped with an incessant influx of patients seeking their prescriptions. The counter remained a hotspot, like a coveted treasure that everyone sought.

My primary task was to organize the medications on the shelves, ensuring that each medication found its rightful place. The shelves were lined with boxes upon boxes of various drugs, and keeping them well-organized was no small feat. This process taught me the importance of accuracy in pharmacy work; a single mistake could have serious consequences.

Another significant part of my job involved reading prescriptions and locating the corresponding medications. This required a sharp eye for detail and familiarity with medical terminology. I quickly realized that the pharmacy staff played a crucial role in ensuring patients received the right medications and dosages.

Standing for the entire day was physically challenging, and the few moments of respite during my 10-15 minute snack breaks were cherished. The hectic pace of the day made time seem to fly by, and by the end of the first day, I was both physically and mentally drained but also filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Day 2: A Deeper Dive into the Pharmacy World

On the second day of my work experience at Fishtail Hospital's pharmacy, I began to settle into the routine. I felt more confident in my ability to locate and organize medications, which helped me work more efficiently.

As the day progressed, I noticed that the pharmacy was not just about dispensing medications; it was also a place where healthcare professionals interacted with patients. Pharmacists often provided valuable information about medications, their side effects, and how to take them. This highlighted the important role pharmacists play in patient care and education.

Throughout the day, I observed the patience and dedication of the pharmacy staff. They were constantly multitasking, answering phone calls, addressing patient queries, and ensuring that prescriptions were filled promptly. The pharmacy was a place where healthcare professionals worked tirelessly to make sure that patients received the best care possible.

Day 3: The Continuing Journey

As I approach the end of my three-day work experience at Fishtail Hospital and Research Center's pharmacy, I can't help but reflect on the valuable insights I've gained. It's been a whirlwind experience, and I'm filled with respect and admiration for the pharmacy staff who work tirelessly to ensure the seamless functioning of the healthcare system.

The pharmacy is a dynamic, high-pressure environment where precision, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of medications are essential. Standing on my feet for the entirety of the workday has been physically demanding, but the knowledge that I'm contributing to patient care has made it all worthwhile.

In the upcoming days, the challenges may persist, but so will my determination. My journey through Fishtail Hospital and Research Center's pharmacy is far from over, and I am eager to see what each new day holds in store. One thing is certain - the resilience and tenacity I've developed will undoubtedly serve me well in the face of any challenge.

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