What happened yesterday!!


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I can't remember the last time I met you. In your remembrance, I went to the liquor store, moved towards the place where alcoholic beverages were placed. I was unaware of which one is better. Being new and my mind was full of you and your thought that's why I was instantly overwhelmed by the choices. When the owner asked me what I wanted, I panicked and asked for whatever’s cheapest. The owner laughs and handed me a bottle of Vodka. Do you have Merlot? I asked. The owner's laughter was reintroduced asking me are you familiar with the beverages. And I moved out without saying holding a vodka on one hand and the purse on the other hand.


I was there because I need to give myself a break from the stress and anxiety of coronavirus with online classes and webinars and mainly you and to indulge in reminiscence of yours.


On my way, I downed a bottle of Vodka. Then I made my way down to my home.


I remember you. My eyelids were crusted over. You were beside me on a black dress. You were saying stay hydrated, stick to one kind of alcohol. Cheers! Merlot. In reply I was saying no I am not Merlot, I am Sushil. She chuckled. This was the first time we met together.


We two made great memories in between the first and the last meet.


The last time I saw you. You were laughing. Laughing at my jokes. I remember you flexing your arm as you pushed back your hair. Accidentally, I touched your hand, I felt like the current was generated.


No, no.  The last time when I saw you, you were on the road walking with your friends. I remember you were walking so slowly, you turned back and gazed at me for a moment and smiled, I felt like a volcano of love was exploded.


I don’t think that was the last I ever saw of you. Maybe we were in a swimming pool. I remember you were relaxing and feeling like floating, you forced me to jump, I felt like my heart was tingled.


I might be remembering that wrong. The last time when I saw you, we two were on the city bus. I remember you were singing a song, you asked me to join with you for the chorus, I felt like my blood was daubed with that song.


Well I finally, drunkenly fell down the stairs to my home and there are bruises everywhere.


Today I am living with the hangover.

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