Pharmacist Day 2023: Celebrating the Heart of Healthcare | Sushil Yayawor

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Pharmacist Day 2023 is a day dedicated to recognizing the hard work and dedication of pharmacists. As I sit to write this article, I am reminded of my journey in the field of pharmaceuticals, particularly my bachelor's degree studies at the University of Pokhara.

The Beginning of My Pharmaceutical Journey

I began my career in pharmaceuticals due to a deep-seated enthusiasm for the potential of drugs to enhance and enhance life. I recall my first visit to the Pokhara University campus, where I was greeted by a picturesque, green environment and the assurance of a rewarding academic career in pharmacy.

The Classroom Chronicles

At Pokhara University, classes weren't just about lectures - they were a glimpse into a whole world of knowledge. Whether it was pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, or any other subject, each one had its own special charm. Our professors were dedicated and knowledgeable, and they inspired us to pursue our passions. It was in those classes that I first learned about the delicate art-science balance that pharmacists have to strike.

Laboratory and Research Adventures

The labs were our homes away from home. I remember the thrill of our research period, the accuracy needed to mix chemical reagents, and the excitement of doing research. Pokhara University gave us modern equipment that made teaching hands-on and fun.

Friendships and Camaraderie

I would not have been able to complete my studies at Pokhara University without the invaluable companionship I acquired along the way. Our shared experiences of laughter, study, and companionship have been a source of strength and support throughout the years. The nights spent studying and the celebratory dinners after successful completion of my exams will remain in my memories for a lifetime.

Internships and Real-World Experience

One of the most significant experiences I had during my studies at the University of Pokhara was an internship at the pharmacies, industries or hospitals. These internships provided me with an insight into the practicalities of the profession and helped me to understand the essential role of pharmacists in the provision of patient care.

Pharmacist Day 2023: A Celebration

Pharmacists play a critical role in the delivery of medical knowledge and the overall well-being of patients. They are responsible for the safe dispatching of medications, the education of patients about their medical treatments, and the collaboration between healthcare teams to ensure the best possible outcomes. 

As Pharmacist Day approaches, I am reminded of the journey I took to become a pharmacist, and how it paved the way for my current career. It is a day to recognize the dedication and commitment of pharmacists around the world, and to recognize the impact they have on healthcare.

At the end of the day, my time as a pharmacist at Pokhara university was one of the most important experiences of my life. It was a place where I learned a lot about the science, the art, and the ethics of pharmaceuticals. It was also a place where I made some amazing friends who I've kept in touch with for the rest of my life. Today, I'm thankful for my education and all the experiences I've had that have helped me become the pharmacist that I am today. I'm ready to make a difference in the world of healthcare and I hope you all have a great Pharmacist Day!

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