"Clearing the Path: Battling Conjunctivitis Before the Exam" | Sushil Yayawor


As a student named Sushil Devkota, I found myself in an unexpected predicament just a few days before my important exam on Friday. It was a regular Tuesday morning when I woke up with a shock – my eyes were turgid and uncomfortable. The irritation and redness were unmistakable signs of conjunctivitis, and panic set in knowing that my exam was just around the corner.

With a background in pharmaceutical science, having successfully completed my bachelor's degree in the field, I was well aware of the condition and its potential implications. I knew that I had to take immediate action to ensure I could overcome this hurdle. Armed with my knowledge, I reminded myself of the precautions necessary to handle this situation wisely.

First and foremost, I made sure to resist the urge to rub my eyes, no matter how uncomfortable they felt. I knew that rubbing could exacerbate the condition and spread the infection further. Instead, I gently cleaned my eyes with a clean, damp cloth and then thoroughly washed my hands, understanding the importance of maintaining hygiene to prevent the spread of the infection.

I decided to contact my doctor to seek professional guidance. I followed their prescribed treatment plan diligently, including the use of prescribed eye drops and following a strict regimen of cleaning and care. Additionally, I made sure to rest my eyes periodically to alleviate strain.

As the days progressed, my determination to combat conjunctivitis and still perform well in my exam only grew stronger. I continued to stick to my precautions, staying vigilant and careful. By Friday, with dedication and proper care, my eyes showed significant improvement. While they weren't completely back to normal, I felt confident enough to appear for the exam.

With the support of my knowledge, precautions, and determination, I managed to overcome the challenge conjunctivitis had thrown my way. As I sat down to take the exam, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in my ability to handle this unexpected situation. The experience not only tested my resolve but also reaffirmed the importance of staying informed and taking appropriate action in the face of adversity.

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